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MIDI FEED BIOTECH LIMITED is committed to animal nutrition and feed science we produce our customers favorite products according to different needs of our customers Our company is mainly engaged in phosphorus products business such as calcium hydrogen phosphate dicalcium phosphate monocalcium phosphate tricalcium phosphate Now added a new production line for producing New Formula Dicalcium Phosphate and tri calcium phosphate High quality control level guarantees safety and reliability from purchase of raw materials to sales of finished products Midi has advanced production technology and equipment strict quality monitoring system the first class research and development institutions Company...

Categories and Products

Phosphate Feed

Dicalcium Phosphate (DCP)

Dicalcium Phosphate (DCP) powder 18% Dicalcium Phosphate (DCP) granular 18% Dicalcium Phosphate grey powder with Good price Dicalcium phosphate grey granular for Feed Additive Good Price Dicalcium phosphate feed grade 18% Phosphorus Dicalcium phosphate white powder Chicken Feed Dicalcium phosphate feed addtives for Poultry feed Dicalcium phosphate animal nutrition DCP 18% animal feed Animal Feed Dicalcium Phosphate rock based DCP white powder 18% for Chicken Feed Feed Additive DCP grey powder 18% for Chicks DCP feed grade price feed DCP powder 18% Poultry feed DCP 18% Dicalcium Phosphate cas 7757-93-9 DCP Dicalcium phosphate 18 White Granular Feed grade DCP 18% white powder cas 7757-93-9 DCP Dicalcium phosphate grey powder /granular Calcium phosphate edible 18% Food additives Chicks Feed DCP 18% white powder cas 7757-93-9 Animal Feed Dicalcium Phosphate 18% Powder and Granular Calcium hydrogenphosphate dihydrate Cas 7789-77-7 Feed Grade 

Mono Dicalcium Phosphate (MDCP)

MDCP 21% white granular for Cattle feed Cattle feed MDCP 21% Grey granular Animal feed mdcp 21% white granular Animal feed Mono-dicalcium phosphate MDCP with P 21%min Animal Feed P21% Powder Mono Dicalcium Phosphate MDCP Monodicalcium Phosphate MDCP 21% white granular feed grade MDCP 21% animal feed granular MDCP 21% Grey color granular cattle feed additives Animal feed MDCP 21 grey granules cattle feed Monodicalcium Phosphate MDCP 21% grey granular feed grade Cattle feed additive MDCP 21% white granules CAS no 7758-23-8 MDCP 21% granules feed additive Grey granules MDCP 21% animal feed additive monodicalcium phosphate feed grade MDCP 21% Cattle Feed mdcp 21% mono dicalcium phosphate price Feed ingredients High Quality Phosphates MDCP 21% Mineral Supplement MDCP 21% white gray Granular Feed Phospahtes MDCP 21% monocalcium phosphate For Cows Feed Grade Mono Dicalcium Phosphate P purity 21%min 2019 HOT! MDCP21 Mono Dicalcium Phosphate feed grade 

Tri Calcium Phosphate (TCP)

TCP 18% powder feed grade for Animal Feed Grade TCP 18% powder with Phosphorus 18%p TCP feed additive Tricalcium phosphate 18% phosphorus Feed additives Tricalcium Phosphate 18% TCP feed grade Feed Grade Tricalcium Phosphate TCP Animal feed additive Poultry Feed Tricalcium Phosphate CAS No:7758-87-4 Tricalcium Phosphate TCP Grey Powder/Granular Tricalcium Phosphate TCP 18% white powder Tricalcium Phosphate TCP 18% white granular Tricalcium Phosphate Feed Grade CAS no 7758-87-4 Tri Calcium Phosphate Feed Grade Grey Granular Feed grade Tricalcium Phosphate TCP 18 OFFWHITE color 

Monocalcium Phosphate (MCP)

Monocalcium Phosphate 22% MCP white Powder and Granular MCP 22% min powder feed grade MCP 22.7%min granular for feed grade Poultry Feed Monocalcium Phosphate MCP 22% MIN Mono calcium Phosphate MCP 22%for Aquatic animals feed Feed Additive MCP 22.7% min white powder Mono Calcium Phosphate 22.7%min for animal feed additives MCP 22%min Feed Grade for Poultry feed additives Mono calcium Phosphate Granular Feed Grade MCP 22.7%MIN Animal Feed MCP 22% min granular feed additives Poultry Livestock Monocalcium Phosphate Granular 22.7%min MCP power 22%min feed additives Chicken Feed MCP Granular 22.7% min feed materials Monocalcium Phosphate 22% MCP grey Powder and Granular monocalcium phosphate price with superior quality MCP Monocalcium Phosphate feed grade price cas no. 7758-23-8 Monocalcium Phosphate for animal feed CAS no.7758-23-8 powder Mono calcium phosphate granular for hens feed Feed Grade MCP 22% MDCP 21% Factory factory price monocalcium phosphate 22% good quality 

Calcium Phosphate

Calcium Phosphate powder/granular feed additives Calcium Phosphate Off White feed additives 

Phosphate Fertiliser

Dicalcium Phosphate (DCP) Fertilizer

Dicalcium phosphate DCP ball granular fertilizer Dicalcium phosphate granular fertilizer good price Dicalcium phosphate powder fertilizer for pastures Dicalcium phosphate DCP granular with bentonite fertilizer Dicalcium phosphate squeezed chips granular fertilizer Best Price DCP white granular fertilizer Dicalcium phosphate 17% fertilizer for pasture Fertiliser using DCP granular for NEW ZEALAND DCP fertilizer for Australia Pasture DCP fertilizer using DCP granular with bentonite fertiliser using Good price DCP grey granular fertilizer using Dicalcium phosphate grey granular fertiliser DCP white powder fertilizer Dicalcium Phosphate fertiliser DCP white granular fertiliser grade Dicalcic Fertiliser Dicalcium Phosphate granular Dicalcic granulated fertiliser Dicalcium Phosphate Slow Release Dicalcic granulated fertiliser in phosphate dicalcium phosphate fertilizer grade dcp feed grade Dicalcium Phosphate fertiliser use phosphate fertiliser DCP 

Tricalcium Phosphate (TCP) Fertilizer

Tricalcium phosphate TCP Fertilizer Powder Tricalcium phosphate granular fertiliser using Tricalcium phosphate white powder fertilizer Tricalcium phosphate squeezed chips granular fertilizer TCP 18% fertilizer powder Tricalcium Phosphate Tricalcium phosphate TCP Fertilizer granular TCP fertiliser grade white powder 18%phosphorus TCP calcium phosphate for south ameirca High Quality Tricalcium phoshate powder in Phosphate 18% Tricalcium Phosphate TCP for Chicken Pig Fish Feeds Best Selling Tricalcium Phosphate TCP For Feed Nutrition Low Price Tricalcium Phosphate Ca3(PO4)2 Feed Additive Mineral Tribasic Calcium Phosphate TCP 18% 

Calcium Phosphate Granular With OEM Formula

New Zealand Dicalcium phosphate dcp fertiliser using Calcium phosphate granular DCP granular with Bentonite Calcium phosphate granular DCP granular with sulphur Dibasic calcium phosphate 18%min Feed Grade Calcium phosphate dibasic feed grade for animal Disable Calcium Phosphate DCP Grey Granular Rock Phosphate Fertilizer 17% 18% SODIUM BENTONITE FOR GRANULAR PH 7 

Corn By-product

Corn Gluten Feed (CGF)

Corn Gluten Feed 18% for Pig feed CGF 18% pig feed corn maize gluten feed Animal feed Corn Gluten Feed 18%min protein Pig feed Corn gluten feed protein 18%min Corn Gluten Feed CGF 18% for cattle Corn Gluten Feed 18% min for Pigs Feed Additive Corn Gluten Feed 18%min protein Feed Grade Corn Gluten Feed 18% animal Corn Gluten Feed 18% for Cattle feed Maize gluten feed 18% for cattle feed Best Quality Corn Gluten Feed 18% Cattle feed Corn Gluten Feed for Animal feed additive CGF 18% for swine feed corn gluten feed Maize Bran Corn bran gluten feed CGF 18% Corn Gluten Feed CGF Yellow block powder Corn bran 18% for poultry feed Corn Gluten Feed CGF for Chicken Feed corn gluten feed price CGF price Maize gluten 

Corn Gluten Meal (CGM) 60

Corn Gluten Meal 60% for Animal feed Cattle feed Corn Gluten Meal 60% protein Pig Feed Corn gluten meal 60% protein Corn gluten meal (CGM) Factory price Corn gluten meal (CGM) protein 60% High efficiency feed additive Corn gluten meal (CGM) Corn gluten meal CGM Golden Yellow Powder CGM 60% MIN Protein for pig feed Corn gluten meal (CGM) for Animal Feed Fodders Corn Gluten Meal Crude protein (wet basis) 60%min 2019 Corn gluten meal CGM for export market Non-GMO Corn gluten meal CGM 60% Corn gluten meal (CGM) for Chicken Feed Corn gluten meal (CGM) for Poultry Feed Golden Color Corn gluten meal (CGM) Corn Gluten Meal CGM 60% Livestock Poultry feed Corn gluten meal (CGM) Pellets Corn gluten meal (CGM) Bulk Supplying Corn gluten meal (CGM) in bulk CORN GLUTEN MEAL 60% PROTEIN FOR POULTRY FEED 


Corn DDGS Distillers Dried Grains with Solubles 26% DDGS Distillers Dried Grains with Soluble 26% DDGS good price corn gluten product Corn distillers ddgs 26%min high protein Corn DDGS for pig feed with best price Import DDGS 26% animal feed cheap price ddgs Chicken feed DDGS 26% with cheap price Corn by product Corn DDGS Non-GMO DDGS 26% Superior quality best price Factory price Cattle feed additives DDGS 26 High Protein DDGS best prices DDGS 26 HighProtein Corn DDGS Distillers Dried Grains with Solubles Factory Price Cattle Feed Additive DDGS Corn DDGS | Animal Feed DDGS 26% Bulk Supply Golden Yellow Powder Corn DDGS 26% Best Quality Rice/Corn DDGS 26% Best Quality Corn DDGS 26% Price pig feed Corn gluten feed 28% replace ddgs26% 

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