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The People's Republic of China has been set up for 68 years.After the dark and defficult time, we become much stronger, richer. The quality our people's life has improved a lot.

When we look back, we can see the poor and weak in the past years. Once none one in the world respected us, or our country. But that had been the PAST!

We are proud of these. We are proud that our great country is becoming stronger and stronger!

We will have the National Holiday from 1st.-8th., October .

Please contact with :008618503834792 for any advise or Complain.

National Day

The National Day is each national important holiday, but the name has differently. Many countries are called "the National Day" or "the National Festival", but also has some countries to call "the independent date" or "the independent festival", also some calling "republican date", "republic date", "revolutionary date", "liberation date", "national revival festival", "constitution date" and so on, but also has directly to the country's name adds on "the date", like "the Australian date", "the Pakistani date", some take king's birthday or ascends the base date as the National Day, in case king changes, National Day specific date also along with it replacement.

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